Farewell! My beloved MNK!

3 years ago when I was trading in Wall street, I read a report from Citron research about this company:
I did my own research and confirm my bearish perspective.

I remembered so well that day when I called out this short trade to the whole desk, it was around 60.0 spot.

"Short MNK!!!!!!!!"

That what I said as by then, Citron already made their reputation by the VRX , DDD , GPRO reports,
and the market was like whatever names that they are focusing on, will encounter some sort of selling-off in the 1st place!

Since then, I always look for short trades on this name every single trading days, even after I left Wall Street,
whenever I am asked about individual names, I'll mention MNK and said my target price is ZERO.
(Earning preview @ 2019.08.05 around 10:30-12:00)

3 years passed by, I posted so many short trades on TradingView these years,
and today, it dropped another 40% pre-market,

It's the best example to show the concept of "It's never too low to sell"

Besides sense of achievement, I was kinda sentimental that after all these days,
It did made its way to ZERO and it's time for me to move on another name to short lol.

Farewell! My beloved MNK!