MonaCoin (MONA) breaking out. Very Bullish!

BITTREX:MONABTC   MonaCoin / Bitcoin
I've been waiting for this coin to start showing some action, as I had invested in it several days ago. This coin is one of the few coins right now that is oversold on the weekly chart (1W), which means there is a lot of room for it go up. It has been doing great since few days, and it is looking to go up big time. On the short term it has already begun it's uptrend. The StochRSI is very bullish and MACD has crossed over on both the 1D chart and the 4h chart.

So we have uptrend on the short term, and bullish signals on the long term, with oversold on the 1W chart. This is enough for me share this idea now.

Please invest wisely and at your own risk. Cheers and goodluck!

BTC - 1L6dcD8CZAdevQnjJQCeWXMsmN8WT4gPib
ETH - 0x080cC01b0abA63Bde5cC535d92F0fEd8722b1678
评论: MONA is trying to break out big time! We could see a couple of those tall green boys in the next few hours.
评论: MONA is going strong. It is already up 15% since I posted the trade, and I'd say it has a long way to go, since the break out was just too strong. On the 1W chart the StochRSI has only just started to curve back up and the lines on the MACD are looking to close the distance too.

This coin and VTC are looking most promising to me right now, just based on the fact that, again, these two are the most oversold coins on the 1W chart that I've seen (more or less), and they have both seen much higher all time highs.

Now you can decide on how to sell these coins. I'm personally going to ride the whole 1W chart until it gets in the oversold region, while selling portions of it on the peaks and buying back on the dips, perhaps based on the 1D charts.

I will keep posting updates as we move from here.

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