nasdaq yes one sector can bring down the house

FX:NAS100   美国纳斯达克100指数
or at least make it tilt hard. HS, right shoulder about done, and dollar yen battle about to begin, with central banks and trade wars about to commence. Also, China inflation hopes are done, and they will lead the deflation trend down. Like it or not China rules, and the FED has to know that they cannot unwind QE balance sheet or raise rates while deflation rules the day. All this talk about rate hikes is just wishful thinking on their part, pride goes before the fall. If they raise, either way they loose. If they unwind before the raise, it wont make as big a news splash, but it will show their hand, and they are holding a couple of 2's. And again, their pride will be their undoing. Amazon is crushing retail. Nice for them, bad for everyone else and markets, and that sector will crash. So tech and retail, and soon real estate crashing sectors. And if the Fed doesn't raise, all this buy the XLF talk will go for nothing, and be a bust, causing a flash sell from that sector. Oil heading down in to the 30's. And looking at no more than 2% GDP all 2018. They will NOT get health care done. And then new tax plan talks gets put off until 2018, which means the window for that might be closed, because it will be too close to the mid term elections for anyone to have courage and risk it. Sorry folks, it is all bad news. And cash looks like a good place to be, after I short this market. IMO :)
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