NAV coin short term trade, 2 profit targets

Short term trade. Based on trailing stops.

Entry: 21.000sat - 22.500 sat.
Stop loss: below 21.000 sat (under 0.382 fibo)
Take profit:
1. 0.00034500
2. 0.00041500

NAV is pretty steady and dmi shows great reversal possibility. As long as BTC is fluctuating, this trade could bring nice upward movement.
As long as time flows we need to put trailing stops to secure won trade.
交易开始: stop loss under 23k sat
this should take off right now

评论: stop loss triggered with very little profit and I am looking for another entry in 21k-22k sat range
评论: entered at 22k sat. Order filled :)
交易开始: Here we have another breakout

交易开始: stop haven't triggered yet, still I am on win trade
评论: this gap will mean something

评论: EMA 26 holding the price above.
Gap could mean breakdown or just bear trap.If candles continue to go away from this indicator then this idea is declined.

评论: Price is much closer to the stop loss.
If SMA 50 is broken, we will surely look for another entry.
评论: stop loss, we are looking for another entry.
评论: crucial moment for short term view
(2hr timeframe)

交易开始: first buy 21.500
评论: order filled. We slipped very swiftly, receiving very clear picture of the price.
15% corrected from last peak. Now after entering We will see market reaction. Remember to use very small amounts at opening trade on market.
Here is 1hr time frame chart showing green line that will be watched carefully if combined will develop useful tool.

评论: Here is example of entering strategy

评论: Now, we could never come back to 19.000-20.000 area, that's why 21.500 buying was simple and smart. Nevertheless be ready for any drops.
评论: It is good place to start considering orders position.
As I said, 19.500 sat is good deal, but 20k seems to be not that bad as We look on overall cryptomarket data.
交易开始: It reached our desired area, now it's time to accumulate

评论: Price is descending and slowing downtempo. Moonshoot incoming.
评论: Tough consolidation, it is good time to start accumulating. Current price: 19.800 sat
交易开始: Order at 19.500 filled. I Think we arent going that lower, 1 Day candles shows to us bullish nature of this pair.
Next order at 18k sat.
评论: 0.236 fibo as a good support
交易结束:到达止损: Holding alts is risky due to whole crypto collapse
If the profit taking from this last pump makes the price drop below the SMA50 @0.0002 then i wouldn´t be surprised if we would go back to previous supports @0.00018. Agree? or i´m being to pessimistic?
pinfkloyd AndreAmaral
@AndreAmaral, Cryptomarkets are often tricky and You need to think about breakdowns smoother, considering bear trap. This often provides us to one more leg down, where some people can't hold no longer. You are right saying 0.00018 could occur. This would be almost 30% retrace from recent peak. Does it sound like correction?
AndreAmaral pinfkloyd
@pinfkloyd, Maybe to pessimistic from what we have been witnessing lately. When i look at things i think it is two much, but it would not have been different from other traps seen lately on other coins. Because it´s just a wild guess i thought it would be good to take it up to get your point on this.
pinfkloyd AndreAmaral
@AndreAmaral, People always want to predict last leg down what usually doesn't happen. It's better to invest gradually, including 15k sat orders, 18k sat orders and some >19 orders for better view on the market. Once 18k sat order hasn't triggered, You can always count on buying atleast some after correction. There is pretty safe risk management in this case on NAV/BTC pair.
Thank you! I bought at 23K should I sell or just wait at this point?
pinfkloyd djulik85
@djulik85, Hey, so You are being swallowed by virtual machine :D
Don't worry there are emergency signals marking trend reversal. First breakout had its place in first big green candle up, crashing green resistance. Now it surely became our support. Second breakout comes from significant anchors, placed at 22.800 sat. If the price sticks to EMA 26 or SMA 50 on 2hr frame We could handle this pretty easly. My second order is at 19.800

pinfkloyd pinfkloyd
@pinfkloyd, If the price slips under EMA 26 sell a little. If SMA 50 is broken too, sell a little. If You are going to track this idea, I would give You clear entry call. Nevertheless there is a lot of space to invest, We need to prepare for volatile fluctuations, I think bounce to 19.500 is pretty possible, but at this price this would be dirt cheap coin.
djulik85 pinfkloyd
@pinfkloyd, Thank you for the information. Will watch it closely! :)
Thank you so much man!
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pinfkloyd EmeAssis
@EmeAssis, I am glad I could help. Look carefully if You are interested in this trade.
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