NEO "meme" line , first chart

BITTREX:NEOBTC   Neo / Bitcoin
Any suggestions ? advices?
was trying to spot trend lines and use learned patterns in daytrading
评论: Heh that red candle pointed me to line i lost ,
P.S If its realy head and shoulders and not my speculated falling wedge at least i will learn something :D
评论: One missing line and and i see chart a lot dif now, was stupid to miss 0..54 resistance
交易开始: Bounce from 0.0048 support ?
评论: BTC mooning leaches alts and shitcoins so much it hurts :(
评论: We bounced from 0.0048 and as it seems btc is calming to , people taking their profits and pushing blood back to alts
评论: Well btc was calm for like 2 mins , at least that support line is holding for now
交易开始: Still i think now at this support line is the best time to enter 0..48 .If bitcoin dont reach 8,4 today ,this 0..48 neo support should be a good trampolene
评论: Reminder to myself: to use dif collors and if i post chart : to make it more understandable for others.
If anybody read this, chare some advices and help me understand mistakes :)
评论: With each of this sort concolidation phase i see more lines , this could become a mess (and would become if i could edit the chart) how to avoid that? any tool for quick and clean strong/week tline creating?
评论: Btc shattered support line 0..48 now 0..46 remains for fire sell , maybe this truely was head and shoulders and im biased thinking its falling wedge ;/
评论: or its just btc vampirism in action , curious to find out how it ends tbh
交易开始: Life is flowing back to neo , if btc relax and reshedule his reach for the stars neo should be back on track again ,so i suppose this would be possible last moments to buy this cheap , tho im green as f in ta and btc is often unpredictable even for pros
评论: Muh, i hope neo cross that res and psychological level or we might bleed out even more if btc decides to wake up for quick luch
It seems the NEO upcoming news wasn't real, look:

NEO claims that they don't know anything about it.
Sheo Shockinalive
@Shockinalive, its about conversation that took 5h ago the old rumours are still intact i suppose because it would have made much bigger inpact (or will make asap when people read that and misinterpret)
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@triptamine, hmm you might be right! Good call :)
Sheo Shockinalive
@Shockinalive, Dont know if its smart tho for me to accumulate neo concidering btc f*(ing with indicators and leaching alts , if this keeps going neo will dip way more already braked two solid support lines,that ann creates panic on worst time :D
@triptamine, no worries, I believe NEO will still stay strong. Remember it came from high 20$/low 30$ so if it stays around this level it's not bad at all. :) HODL this because one day it will go to the moon ghehe!
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Sheo Shockinalive
@Shockinalive, I know , tho i like gas more was concidering to swap my cold vault of neo to gas :D .Pros: Smaller suppl and deflation of already small supply, not to mention it will be used in neo ecosystem way more than neo governing will cons: People dont realize the pros, exchange count is limited, no actual use until tx is free
@triptamine, hmm not so keen about that, I'd rather have NEO and claim gas with it. You get both instead of just having GAS.
Sheo Shockinalive
@Shockinalive, Eh i dont like the gas production rates :D ,and its cheap now with low mcap and no actual use, fundamentals for gas is enormous now when neo icos are poping out like shrooms after rain we see increase in both price just i personaly believe gas will be much more expensive :D will see how it goes
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Maybe its realy "Head and shoulders" as i just seen some people write, tho it looks like falling wedge to me ,i clearly see a pole and wedge or i missing something?
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