NEO and possible entries.


NEO is in full down mode and new entry opportunities with new trend.

Remember Patience is key.

This is not intended to give a financial advice but a educated Idea.

评论: My order did not fill by a very small amount. Lowest was 120 I had a 118 order. Don't forget scalping. You will have more gains. :)
评论: I hope you are enjoying NEO :)
评论: NEO looking interesting. Will we get another entry perhaps?
评论: NEO gave me a second entry. How nice!!
评论: NEO DOING GOOD AS EXPECTED. Congratulations if you buy them on the dip
broke that lower trendline and now below it, very bearish, listen could some of these alt coins be telling us something, they are generally weak here, am i missing something? Ripple is dead money
@TomPower, no you are not missing anything. As I said. I was expecting a lower price entry so that is when you do scalping lol finding the right entries are the tricky part lol I already sold NEO once going for the second time, you think a couple of dollars will make a difference now. :)
Can I enter now? GO to when?
ChartsOnTime giovanazcoin
@giovanazcoin, I did just expect some retracement to 119s
possible higher low there now, although most of the alt coins are underperforming against BTC
@TomPower, just get the gains when you can and renter when a chance is given If NEO breaks the trend line then we are at a bad place for neo
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