10th Bear Day for NEO

This is the 10th strong bear candle in a row for Neo. Again, we must emphasize that we can't even seem to get a single green candle as a relief rally. The bullish crab cypher patter we identified yesterday does not seem to be proving hopeful. All support levels from the $90 handle have been punctured, and we appear to be hovering above support from a Fibonacci level at $69. Beyond that, we have the lower bound of a congestion zone on day charts at $54, then a vacuum zone to the lower anchor of the Fibonacci levels at $32. From above, we can expect resistance at $92, $95, and $100, which seem out of reach at this point.

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Yep its been a ride
+1 回复
@cnever, tell me about it...
@quantguy, I still got some fiat. What are good buy zones for NEO? 70 USD? 57 USD?
quantguy CryptoFrank23
@CryptoFrank23, good levels analysis. Very close to mine at 69 and 54. These are crazy prices for NEO. Even if it dips further, I'd be comfortable holding underwater for a bit to get sub 100 neo, let alone the $80 hand or south
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