$26 Short & $37 Long | Fibonacci Circles and Times

This chart is a little cluttered so bear with me as I break it down into its 4 major components, which show why I believe we are headed to ~$26 before seeing our target of ~$37 over the next week.

  • Blue Fib Time Zone 1 (10/2 - 10/5): We see the price react accordingly at the 2 and 3 Fib marks with the 5 mark lining up with the 5 mark of the Pink Fib Time zone on 10/17

  • Pink Fib Time Zone 2 (10/9 - 10/11): Our predictive Fib lines. We are at mark 2 and are looking for a decrease until we hit mark 3.

  • Transparent Fib Circles 1 (10/2 - 10/9): From the highest high to the lowest low from 10/2. The next arc, 2.61 arc, lines up with Pink mark 3 which is our target price of $26.

  • Opaque Fib Circles 2 (10/8 - 10/14): From 2nd highest high to the target low of $26 on 10/14. We are exiting the .768 with our next major arc being the 1.618 arc, which also lines up with our $26 target.

Our target of ~$26 on 10/14 has a lot of confluence (Pink Mark 3, Fib Circle 1 - Arc 2.61, Fib Circle 2 - Arc 1.61) which is generally a sign of big reaction. Furthermore, at this point ~$26 we have a strong support which should hold as its been tested once already and showed strong reversal. Our next target of ~$37 on 10/17 also has a lot of confluence along the way and we'd expect to see a strong bounce after hitting the monthly low. Resistance is expected at $31 and $34 along the way and may stop or slow our upwards trend; however, I believe the final target is likely.

** Comments and critiques always welcome especially contrasting analysis ideas
** @CAG_CryptoTA
I have no idea how to read Fib circles... I did, however, arrive to similar price points using different techniques. Here's hoping we're right!
@VanBenno, In a very brief expect to see some kind of trend change upon breaking through an arc. Particularly the larger arcs.
Thanks. I think it will go down to around $25 then top out at $32.
caguillen214 SecludedJ
@SecludedJ, $25 seems a little low to me as theres not too much happening around there. I do think topping out around $32 is definitely possible as there is quite a bit of resistance at $31.50. However, I think even if (we likely will) we see some pullback at that range we have a good chance of breaking through. Conversely, if we see a full reversal at $32 then we're likely in a strong bear market due to the consistent lower highs over the last month. If thats the case, NEO will likely head to test the supports around $23. Thank you for the comment!
SecludedJ PRO caguillen214
@caguillen214, $24.30 bottom, $32.50 top. Let's see :D
In depth analysis as usual, thanks for taking the time. I hope this works out!
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