TSLA the road to finest motor company in the world

Hello folks,

I been big fan of Tesla as many others. The company is with great potential, but similar to Apple back in the 90s, it does have huge challenges on their path.

Recently, we been hearing apocalyptic prediction of analysis based on the bad numbers from manufacturing on production line, and added up tension on the big job cuts (?)... However, the market didn't react, that negative as the trend-line still keeps above that crucial 303 and even above 330-337, which are bottoms since last equate being sold from the company. This however can very easy change after tomorrow's news. The new truck.

Furthermore, we do see that the company is moving forward with new contract for a manufacturing in china and restructure of the loan with DB giving the company another 500mil to operate with.

Overall we are hanging on the bottom, but with slight positive though. Personally I saw a buy signal based on previous oscillations, but proceed with caution as their are some negative sentiments. This has been added up to the previous negative wave (check my idea, Big banks mixed feelings), which didn't prove to be valid, however it adds up. 313-303 absolute bottom atm.
评论: We are on levels from on before previous earning report. Despite negative expectations, TSLA might beat the expectations to some degree. It will be interesting to see how the restructured loan will end up on the financial part.
评论: Stage one of the drop is done, let's see if there will be more beating before the report.
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