Every rebound is a chance to build a position

FX:NGAS   天然气 (亨利港)
In the previous days a pattern has been observed where in the beginning of the day, NG tend upwards but around 10-11 a.m (BST) when volume starts picking up there is a reversal and the downside begins for the day. Thus, I think that every move before this time is just an opportunity to build a position. For those unable to trade futures - even more since DGAZ opened pre-market with an unsymmetrical drop to its increase in the previous days thus making it relatively cheaper to options with more promising returns.
评论: Look at 10:58 (BST) that 1 min candle where big time holders unloaded some of their position and forced NG to drop .2% in literally 1s. Panic selling ahead...
评论: Regarding DGAZ: The much expected pop happened today as many of the big-time holders begun covering their shorts. Considering this as a squeeze we should see further generous upside in the upcoming days, especially due to the divergence between NGAS decrease and DGAZ increase in the previous two. Still, there is a contago and you have to keep that in mind when trading the ETN.
交易手动结束: I will be the first one to admit it. After that huge pop, the stress was too much. Exited my position for a 5k profit. I will re-enter tomorrow after news.
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