Short NATGAS strategy

FX:NGAS   天然气 (亨利港)
Based on technical analysis we should see a leg lower withing the next 5 days. A crucial factor though is the natgas inventories to be released on thursday. Keeping in mind the negative correlation with crude oil observed lately, the data should favour a short position.
Oct 23
交易开始: Despite the mishap of the previous 2 weeks with NATGAS going higher, I still have a heavily bearish sentiment on it. I added to my position on friday to catch around 70% of the 5% decrease and holding until 2.680 to sell 40% of my position and then the rest 60% periodcally until it reaches 2.515 which is my initial tp where I expect some rebound - an opportunity to re-enter a short trade.
Oct 26
交易手动结束: I will be the first one to admit it. After that huge pop, the stress was too much. Exited my position for a 5k profit. I will re-enter tomorrow after news.
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