NZDUSD inside day, multiple choices!

FX:NZDUSD   纽元/美元
This article can pretty much illustrate many of my trading strategies lol!

It has been so bearish on NZDUSD since August, and it bounced more than 200 pips to stand on 0.7000 again.
Here, there is an inside day yesterday, and this chart I drew can create a clear mindset for the following movement.
Whichever direction it goes, I'll have some strategies to trade.

1 is the simplest but most risky one, which relies on pure momentum to long the inside day breakout in a somewhat extended daily chart .
2 is waiting for the momentum to reach a supply zone and a bearish bat pattern to short
3 is an inside day breakdown short, with a bearish butterfly and EMA correction combination.
4 is 2618, XYAB, and demand zone long.
Among these 4 strategies, my personal preference is 3>4=2>1.

Let's see how it goes!

============================================================================================= (link to TradingView live chart)
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评论: 1 went well,
2 is on the corner,let's see if we got any reversal sign there
评论: there is 2 4hr shooting stars in a row after hitting area 2, tried some short lol.
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