NZDUSD** Mid term long

FX:NZDUSD   纽元/美元
buy the dips
Entry 1:$0.713
Entry 2:$0.707

Tp 1:$0.725-0.73
Tp 2:$0.752-0.77


i think one more leg going to down before moved big up
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faylee Jahid
@Jahid, it's possible more dips, but weekly chart looks very bullish, so i would prefer to a normal correction before seeing more bearish signals in weekly chart.
you are the best F*** the rest :D
NZD has been winning across the board with the G10 and I feel that the price for NZD has now been priced in. I like your setup but due to their increased value of the kiwi it will affect there exports which is big business for them. Plus in nearly all of the majors that this currency has paired in its now indicating for a reversal. Plus take note that there will also be an election coming soon so rhetoric will affect the strength of the kiwi. Keep an eye but for sure a short is the best outcome in the medium term.
What do you think about NZD CAD ?
faylee supperman
@supperman, It's still in bullish tone, no signal to short yet
@faylee, Thank you
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