NZDUSD 0.618 and structure breakout pullback short opportunity

FX:NZDUSD   纽元/美元
Pretty much NZDUSD is the weakest one among the non-USD currencies this year,
so when it comes to strong dollar, to short NZDUSD is always not a bad idea.

Here we got this 4hr 0.618 and structure breakout pullback combination short.
While as it's been a while after it was broken, so a reversal sign is still necessary for this trade!

Let's see how it goes!

inside 4hr breakdown yo~

Got the 1st kick!!

New Low !! put the out above 0.6715 to trail!

4hr hammer, take some profit yo,
put the rest out above 0.6685 to trail!

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Lovely trade!!!
@thejerre, sweet kiwi!!
hello, thank for sharing.
Can i know why you didnt get stopped out after 1st kick? It seems that your sl is being hit.
@chinly90, I put the out @ 0.6715 and it never got hit. why~? If you're asking about the inside bar high, it's very important to add a little more room and the spread to the out while doing short trades~
Seems to me price is pulling back for a re-test? 4hr candle does not look so nice now... But we will wait and see, these type of move take a little longer to fill.. Too bad we don't see a straight move down!
@thejerre, I've already got my 1:1 1st kick @ 0.6687, so this is already a risk-free position for me, kind of a example that a tiny stop loss not necessarily means lower winning percentage ~

Indeed to bad we don't see a straight move down lol.

Let's see how it goes yo!
thejerre Trader_Joe_Lee
@Trader_Joe_Lee, let's see if resistance holds (0.67011). I have kept my positions open, my first TP is at 0.66560

do you suggest to sell now?
I like your analyses. However my fib does not fully align with yours. I have my black fib (61.8%) drawn from the 2015 low to the 2017 high. I feel the drop is coming. I am awaiting the 4H inside candle to confirm.
@thejerre, Yep, we got different time frame~
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