Oracle - Stocks to watch this month

ORCL down 10% after earning season with 1.64% beat estimation. We have one more down after dividends share in october.
From fundamental anaysis this sharp down only correction, coz oracle have many good financial data.

from financial strength, this stocks have 6/10 score, with :
Cash-to-Debt 1.26
Equity-to-Asset 0.42
Debt-to-Equity 0.95
Interest Coverage 6.81

and have 7/10 profitability/growth, with :
Operating Margin %33.64
Net Margin %25.35
ROE %18.95
ROA %7.58
PE ratio : 21.04

If we look at technical analysis ,
before earning this stocks hit resistance channel up, and down 10%, but still inside channel.
we have support around 0.382 fibonacci, but we still have 1 more down price after dividents this october.
Maybe we still have false break after dividents and continue to bullish to reach new ATH with target at 54.77 and maximum at ABCD fibonacci retracement projection at 56.92
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Thx so much for this! I wish you were more into stocks! I love your analysis... You may force me to invest in FOREX!
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