BITTREX:PAYBTC   TenX Pay Token / Bitcoin
PAYBTC do well under trend as we see PAY passed first support line at 0.00076125/0.00074750
have a clear way to

next support line 0.00048351

from looking to chart you can see the Main Demand zone at 0.00031155

we will set first buy limit

at 0.00048351





sec buy limit will be at 0.0003281



we ask Allah reconcile and repay

评论: the Condition for cancel this trade if Pay Pass 0.00080337 short idea will be canceled

Pay look like do well at 4 H

评论: the Condition for cancel this trade if Pay Pass 0.00080337 short idea will be canceled
评论: Pay keep try for breakout keep eye on it
评论: spend time and very close to touch down trend
评论: charts are charts some people don`t like this view but at the end all Thanks to Allah price follow our analysis
交易结束:到达目标: i expect if you follow this analysis you gain profit
ouf first pay limit was at
at 0.00048351



that done with 50 %
评论: Update: 4

Pay at waiting area
under observation
we Ask Allah reconcile and repay
I doubt this, I see it popping the $3 mark and fluctuating between $4 - $5.
seriously.. why in the world would you think that PAY will cancel out the recent rise completely ? fundamentals are as promising as they could be..

PAY just won "gold" at the asia innovation awards
they solved the wavecrest creditcard problem and have a new card issuer
they are getting a banking licence..
they got a new huge US investor
they have big news coming up (the CEO is keeping it quiet until they signed something)
they just released a new iOS and a webapp
they opened their app for ETH, DASH and other ERC20 tokens
and so on...

also the support zone and the fib 0.78 level seems to hold pretty well right now..
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Enhancement321 valueerror
@valueerror, What do you think of it now?
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valueerror Enhancement321
i got out the moment it broke the support zone.. i'm in again now because i think alts are entering a new bull market and tenx pay found a new bottom .... also the long excpecting news will come in the next weeks i think.. banking license and more coins to their wallet.. if they don't deliver soon pay could drop even more.. no one wants to hear julian hosp saying again that he doesnt care about the price of the pay token.. they should get their shit together now.. also julian hosp said they are now starting to advertise their company for the first time.. so.. lets wait and see

Enhancement321 valueerror
@valueerror, Thank you sir for your insights, it is much appreciated!
HamadaMark valueerror
valueerror HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, well... shouting "short" after mid july (as you did on all major coins of that time) would have been the right thing to shout for almost 80% of all coins.. it's like shouting "long" in februrary... easy game.. in a bear market.. you definitely got that right!

but yeah... the support zone didn't hold.. i sold immediately... and im in now again because i think most of the coins found a bottom and we are ready for a new bull market on the Alts
also i don't wanna miss the point where tenX annources that they have a banking license.. ;-) this will blow up pay !

i really didn't think that tenX - especially the CEO julian hosp is going to tell investors that "they aren't real investors and that he will never do anything to get the price up just for the price's sake" (what is a reasonable thing but not a wise thing to say in crypto)
HamadaMark valueerror
@valueerror, Seriously i don`t depend Fund on my analysis but i look for coin at 4 H frame do well from Tec so i will set condition for Trade
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Should i sell ??
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