Pivx turning things around and on up...

BITTREX:PIVXBTC   Pivx / Bitcoin
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Been watching this one fall for a while now. She just hit those red rings and bounced hard off them (though on down moves they often do nothing). But, with Monero's turn around and Pivx's coming Zerocoin protocol, this one is a winner.

Hitting 62% retracement, hopefully we can hold that and then eventually to old highs and then blue skies (where she flies.)
Let's see if we can get to .382 fib level! Looking pretty strong at the moment...

Thanks for the analysis @ItsAboutSharing! (like your username as well) :+1:
ItsAboutSharing rockmancuso
@rockmancuso, Honestly, I think it is a done deal that Pivx breaks ATH's in the relatively near future. Especially with Anonymous coins on the rise AND, remember, they are going to implement the Zero Coin protocol. VERY NICE Tech.

Thanks for the name compliment, it is a reminder to us all, but a special one to me. If these investments turn into Millions, it will honestly be about sharing it. ;-)
Pivx deserve this pump , tech is great and community work hard for it , nice stuff im holding til death
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ItsAboutSharing lynxlanglais
@lynxlanglais, Yeah, it is pretty good tech. Might be great tech, depending on what Zerocoin brings. Monero is nice but not very user friendly and super bulky and extremely slow at times. Pivx is not really any of those things. Well, the zerocoin protocol might make her a bit bloated, but for the money, Pivx is a great alternative for regular transactions. It might be right there with Monero in a few months (tech wise), let's see.
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