Trading Elliott Waves with Fib Pinball

For my newer followers or those that missed this post previously, here's a generic trade plan explaining all those horizontal lines on my charts. Notes on the image should be self-explanatory. Minor and minute waves are shown, but this method can be used on any time scale / Elliott Wave degree. Learn more about trading Fibonacci Pinball from the pros at
This method primary considers price as that is what most traders are concerned with anyhow. The aim is to catch the 3rd wave which is the most powerful and profitable wave to trade. Technical indicators such as MACD , RSI , Stoch RSI , etc, are considered primary to confirm the wave count. For example, momentum indicators will become embedded in a 3rd wave, often not resetting until the move is largely over. MACD may see divergences as a move nears completion; wave v of 3 may have a lower MACD reading than wave iii of 3. Likewise, wave c of 2 may exhibit positive divergence, having a higher MACD reading than wave a of 2. These fingerprints add confidence to the Elliot Wave count but are not required. Price objectives are paramount, and as always, trade safe using a defined plan of your own with STOPS.
Trend lines , channels, etc may be included to estimate timing, but this is not a timing system. For example, 4th waves are frequently complicated corrections and difficult to predict. A correction may, for example, take place in time instead of price. In such cases, the price correction can be shallow while time drags on longer than initially anticipated. I try to draw my targets with relatively reasonable time objectives, but often find myself moving the wave labels when price and pattern seem to fulfill their objective.

Note: Ignore the symbol, time axis, and price (hidden). I merely used this chart as a drawing space.
Let me see if this is more legible.
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nick.holland78 nick.holland78
Yes, I didn't mean for the indicators to be visible on original chart. They seem to squish things and are irrelevant for this post.
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