Gimme some of that QASH!

QASH is a product by QUOINE, which is a company I would like to invest in.
Therefore QASH has been added to my portfolio!


QASH might be a new product, but its created by Quoine, which is a leading Fintech company (Started in 2014!!). Making this a solid bet and available for long term hodling.

Quoine now boast 3 different platforms:
  • QUOINEX | One of the largest Crypto-Fiat exchanges in the world with over USD 12B annual transactions, and fully regulated in Japan.
  • QRYPTOS | Crypto-only exchange. QUOINE will open up the platform for all token issuers as an automated self-serving platform to list and trade their tokens.
  • LIQUID-QASH | We are now building a global liquidity platform for all crypto investors, token issuers and a new generation of financial services customers.
Qoute from website:
"We envision QASH to be the preferred payment token for financial services, like the Bitcoin for financial services. As more financial institutions, fintech startups and partners adopt QASH as a method of payment, the utility of QASH will scale, fueling the Fintech revolution."

More information about Quoine can be found at website.
And QASH at the LIQUID website.

Quoine has offices in Japan, Singapore and Vietnam. They where also the first global cryptocurrency firm to be officially licensed by the Japan Financial Services Agency.
There is a strong team behind, and its also funded by a solid group of investment firms.

Now, if you look at their roadmap, Quoine-Liquid (Qash platform) is set to launch in Q2 of 2018.
In cryptotime, that's a really long time. However, I think QASH is undervalued, and if I have to, I aint afraid to hold QASH for long term.

QASH can be found on Bitfinex, Houbi, Qryptos (Quoine's own exchange) and!
Bitfinex is set to open up registrations again before 15 January.
There is a lot of new money (and speculation money) that is looking for a home. Right now that aint that easy, so I expect surges in Finex coins this week.
Sadly though, Bitfinex recently added a bunch of new coins, which can end up dividing the money that hits the exchange.
It would not surprise me to see QASH added on either Binance or Bittrex though, so we got that element as well :)

I can also add that it's not far above ICO price, and it was an oversubscribed ICO!


Relatively new chart again, not that much to go on when we are looking for a target.
Right now my 4.618 extension fib is at 7.61 USD so for now that would be the target until new fibs can be established. Though I would like to hold on for something around 10 USD as I believe QASH has very high potenial.
We got some more clear levels around the price area that we are in today though, and the pitchfork should be reliable for resistance and support.
It's been 2 days since I bought QASH and told Koinworld about it. We have been buying between the 0.5 & 0.618 fibs. You can see the 0.618 has provided very clear support. Right now that level has been broken though and acting as resistance for the time being.
As last bullrun stopped exactly at the Median of Pitchfork , I would look at that for highs in the future as well.

I will keep updating along the way :)

评论: QASH back to where I bought, wonderful!

It will be in my portfolio for some time, and in the short-term it will most likely follow the market, so no point in any TA update just yet.

I'll post one when it's more relevant :)
评论: Damn BBcode, sorry.
Target has been moved down as well. (5.2USD)
评论: Trendline broke in the crash and down a good amount on QASH.
Holding on to this one though.
I'll get an update out later :)
交易手动结束: Sold QASH at 0.831 USD. Down 49.9%.

Selling out the majority of my coins today, as I see signs for a sideways market until summer or so. Hodling on to Ripple, Bitcoin, Peerplays & Unikoin :)
Does Qash have any real utility? I understand the the Liquid worldbook platform it is trying to solve, but how does that give value to the Qash token? People would rather just trader btc to etc, or usd to btc, why would they use Qash? Good time to Qash or Trash?
@Kryptokelly Cave you make some update for this great coin. Personally, will hold it in 2018.
TauCeti TauCeti
@TauCeti, Can* you make...
QASH will explode in few days or weeks to 10-20 USD, my opinion is that it will still be in January... Its going to be traded on Binance! When this happens, it will go to moon, maybe to the sun! Anyway, it has HUGE longterm potential for growth! I have read some qualified opinions that QASH will go to first top 10 cryptos by market cap and real positioning is market cap like Bitcoin Cash...
Kryptokelly CryptoFan973
@CryptoFan973, Binance add would be nice! But not a guarantee for the sun.
I'm not that optimistic, but good luck to us both mate :)
+1 回复
why didn't you coint the wave from 15/12/2017
KryptoKelly... mmmmmmmmm. =D
SubhoBanerjee SubhoBanerjee
@Kryptokelly This is what I see in the short-term; if there is a break-out, ~3.64
@Kryptokelly "I can also add that it's not far above ICO price"; What was the ICO price?
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