BITTREX:QTUMUSD   Qtum / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
qtum has been in a range as you can see on the right chart which is daily. Appears on the shorter time frames its trying to break out but with this long and strong of a range on the larger time frames i would only buy a breakout of the daily range.
I would expect a big move once range is broken with this long of an accumulation and expect big things out of qtum coming the next 6 to 12 months
you can also day trade this buying at low of range and selling if and only if it fails to break out of the high of range. Don't wanna trade a dollar range and then it breaks out after a month of accumulation and goes for a 50 percent gain.
I have started a telegram chat for now cryptotradersworldwide come check it out! I will post a few charts a day and help anyone with questions.
The invite link is

(I did have another group on telegram but recently changed it because i didnt know people counldnt share or leave comments if it was a channel instead of a group)

The point of the telegram chat is to offer a platform for a group of people or even a few people to help one another make better decisions in the cryptocurrency market.I recently became a full time trader and don't have much in network or social exposure to not only talk with on a day to day basis but also to help teach each other.I didn't really expect to be a full time trader at this point but in my opinion and my situation it was now or never. So below i put addresses for dontations and its purely just to try to pay it forward if ive ever helped you with a chart or if you just wanna help a struggling single dad stay a trader.
Recently lost my job and was trading crypto very seriously since April. I spent approx. 40-80 hours a week learning, reading and analyzing charts.I wanted to have a larger account and be more financially stable before taking this kind of pressure on but i also know that sometimes you got to just go for it!
I had two choices to either continue to look for a new job and eventually get one and go back to part time trading which is good but im a much better short term trader than swing trader and timing is so important in this type of trading that i would miss so many good entries and exits making good trades bad trades. I tended to miss a lot of what is going on as well as I would tend to chase or get emotionally upset because I was right but because of timing I lost money.
So i took the step and am fully committed to trading full time.
I also wanna find another market to trade because in the long run this market wont always be this good and if I'm doing this for income I always have to be a step ahead. Any advise or suggestions on another market i could trade would be great!

A few things I've learned about trading so far:
Timing is far more important than being right.
Overtrading is the death of any good trader
Good entries and exits can be far more profitable than just being on the right side of a trade.
Your opinion doesn't matter but you also have to use common sense when it comes to making decisions.
Majority of times you have to go against what everyone else is doing and everywhere you look for help is gonna say your wrong.
A strategy and plan is far more important than making money quickly.

Thanks again
AJ Smith

Donations always greatly appreciated and really help me as I take this journey as a full time trader.
Always willing to help anyone with any trading ideas or ?s.
I don't expect anything so don't feel I need something from you in order for us to talk or for me to help in anyway i can!!!
I learn a lot from just helping others! :)

Eth 0x5aaEE6AcbF21357F9Fe0672C5eAbA4196aA99651
Btc 1GubGaABMWBqxcyKPPiqGXWydMFkemy1ny

Looking to also start a signal group as well if people are interested but i would need to see and interest in ppl willing because it does take a lot of time.

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@Playj, Your situation is exactly like mine. It's now or never. Learning the same lessons to.
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