SALT/BTC - quick easy analysis

BITTREX:SALTBTC   Salt / Bitcoin
SALT is currently very near red resistence line. Im watching, if SALT will breaks this line and continue uptrend.
Or make reversal & with probability falls lower . I guess,very close to green support line.
In these case, difference between good and bad buy mightn be easy about 15-20% : )
But nobody knows future and we will see, maybe by few hours verdict :)
STOCH/RSI shows market OVERBUY = potential downtrend.
Clever is wait : ) Especially if you are new in crypto, exactly like me.

This was my beginner easy-quick education.

* For educational purpose only.
评论: SALT started by red candle near resistance line. This candle has 2 hours to be closed. Looks quite strong and my opinion is, SALT will go lower today.
But only time shows true : )

* For educational purpose only.
评论: SALT looks as I thougt.. Goes back.
I just want to notice, in the middle of my 2 lines seats another decent support.
So we got 2 options. Reverse in the middle , or at green support line.

* For educational purpose only.
评论: For now SALT looks for jump from middle. As I guessed. We will see, if tests again red dashed line, or break to uptrend. Probably SALT will need stronger impulse to go above.
SALT is very stabile crypto.

* For educational purpose only.
评论: SALT touched support line for now and looking for confirmation candle close.
评论: SALT reached green support line.
评论: STOCH/RSI not indicates from add this chart. Its not actual :)
评论: SALT looks capable to break support level and continue in downtrend !
Watch carefully , where red candle close /body of candle/ position.

*For education purposes only.
评论: SALT test lower support around 0.00036858.
评论: Salt makes stronger signal.

*For education purpose only.
I think it really needs to break through 60000 before we confirm its trend down is over. If it revisits 45000, which is still likely as it has problems with the current resistance, it would be worth to buy i do not expect it go lower than that. Good luck.
* for educational purposes
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EmVi KonradB
@KonradB, Thank you for supply my idea. I´m not currenly holding SALT. But I am in wait to buy. Good luck too.
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