SIA coin should keep on going

POLONIEX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
399 6
So basically thanks to my mate @LewisGlasgow, I was able to spot a a recurring pattern of growth with SIA .

The patterns can be found with blue lines and its also showing a great support with a slanted yellow line for it a climb and test.

Should probably face resistance at 683 and then breakthrough to 740 or more.
cool ill set it for 950 and watch
do you think it will climb to 1000 tonight?
rohogaka nanozeus99
@nanozeus99, I am only learning so cannot be 100% sure at this point but from my point of view ''no''.

The reason for that being that it has a few hurdles to cross, mainly the 580/590 level and the 740 (which was its previous high)

Once it clears these two, I dont see a problem with reaching 900 to test a new high. Not sure about 1k tho.
nanozeus99 rohogaka
@rohogaka, ok thanks
DJLoveHz nanozeus99
@nanozeus99, I had it at 900 myself, but I've read a few others who think it'll go to 1000. Just keep an eye on it if you can.
rohogaka DJLoveHz
Hey @DJLoveHz, I really do hope it passes that level as it looks like a promising coin with a stable history.

I guess the only thing with SC is that it is not for the patient. :) as it takes its sweet time to do its thing.

And I would rather have that than a coin that shoots quickly and dumps just as quickly.
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