80% Upside potential on SNT ( buy)

BINANCE:SNTBTC   Status / Bitcoin
As you can see here, during the latest bitcoin crash the lowest Fib line acted as a great support level for SNT . We have now seen a small spike with not much volume bringin up to the (0.236 Fib line 0.00002379) As we have now broke into this level, what we are looking for is for this area to turn into a new support level . The idea here is to buy if we close over 0.236 fib line, while implementing a tight stop loss at this level, giving us little to no risk with huge rewards. Short term target is 15% profit reaching the next Fib line, which has proven to have held some resistance, and if we break that we continue to soar, Maximum long term potental of 84% gain. Key things to look for here is an increase in Volume . The RSI indicator has started to curve up from being very over sold which is a Bullish sign. A great trade or investment with little to no risk from this area. Ideally we want to see if the Daily candle closes above 0.235 fib line before buying.
交易开始: So Far everything is going to plan! Next Key point of restance is 0.00002762 (fib line 0.382) Ideally what we want now is for the daily candle to close above this point, and become the new support level! This has held extremely well through bitcoins current decline!
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