The S&P 500 is hesitating ahead of Jobs day...

SP:SPX   标准普尔500指数
The current pattern formed by the benchmark yesterday shows the hesitation of the market ahead of the US Jobs report.
The daily Pivot Point of the benchmark is around 1956.95. If it opens above that level it suggests a bullish trend . The daily support levels would be 1938.89 , 1926.66 and 1908.6. The daily resistance levels would be 1969.18 and 1987.24.
The pattern suggest that If the benchmark manages to cut yesterday's low, it suggest that we will be testing the first support with 1915.74 as an objective. If it break through yesterday's high, 1975.01, it will indicate that the benchmark would rally with 1997.8 as an objective and 1987.24 as a primary objective.

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