Bearish Bat pattern setup + waiting for a break down

SP:SPX   标准普尔500指数
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TVC:SPX             INDEX:SPX             Bearish Bat pattern setup plus waiting for a break down on the uptrend. BTO 2390P or 2395P on Friday, March 17th or Monday, March 20th. It's pretty close to an RSI BAMM setup, albeit some market noise in the middle RSI section. Wait for RSI to exceed 70 and then drop below it for a signal. Enter when SPX             is about 2395. Stop loss when SPX             exceeds 2401 (current 52w high at this point). Profit point all depends how reactive the price action is. If there is a quick/sharp breakdown from the uptrend, the 0.618/0.786/0.886/1.0 retracement Fibs of the uptrend or larger may become a reality. If only a gentle break, then 0.382 and 0.50 fibs become your profit targets.
评论: Another view can be found here:

You can see a cluster of evidence of many ratios converging into one spot.
评论: The idea is still intact for today. However, the thesis is weakening due to the uptrend break, which I was expecting it to give a strong sell signal around 2390 (not this early at around 2383). Stay tuned for further developments. Feel free to provide additional ideas for/against my views.
评论: In my previous comment, I actually meant around 2395.
评论: Trade thesis is weakening further. If Tuesday is another down day, I will discard this trade idea and look for another setup.
订单已取消: Definitely invalid setup due to the recent move.