$SPX - Expanded Flat - The Last Bullish Scenario

SP:SPX   标准普尔500指数
... still bullish on the $SPX             /in long term/. ... I still think that we are in the fourth wave. This is dovish #FOMC scenario.

交易开始: ...invalidation level:

交易开始: ... stop is not reached , but we need a miracle for a positive outcome of this idea.

... imo ... at this moment there are only two bullish possibilities:

1. Descending Broadening Wedge:

2. Double Three:

... but it is only wishful thinking.
交易手动结束: ... wave (C) in progress
nice view
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Very nice one.hehe u r amazing!
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hehe Darenth
... it's just a reflection - everyone wants declines - and I feel badly in the crowd ....
yep, this is dangerous, prone to prejudices, we need some different ideas.
anyway, i like this one.
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