FX:SPX500   美国标准普尔500指数
99 2
The impulsive rally this week hit Fibonnacci pinball targets at every degree, suggesting a new impulse in wave iii of 3 of (5) has increased in probability. I'm already long, and will be a buyer in the 2050 region. Below 2035 will have me on alert for the alternate deeper wave 2, and below 2001 it's a strong probability. See larger time frames for more detail on the yellow alt count.

Positioning: I bought SPX (well - it's equivalent) on Monday's close in my Long Term account. Had some lotto shorts this week that expired worthless in my trading account.
Outside chance this is an expanded b-wave, but more than likely headed up in red wave (v) of alt i to test ATH. Over 2185 would be a very bullish indication that 2500+ is coming up. See my daily ideas.
Looks like minute wave i may extend here. The red waves look more distinctive in the cash chart, SPY for example. Where I'd labeled green wave i looks like only 3 waves up on SPY.
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