FX:SPX500   美国标准普尔500指数
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Use the longer periods to figure out the real trend. I challenge anyone to show how it is not UP. When the markets go down it will be 500 points a day in the DOW and 50 in the SPX . Trading only the "counter trend corrective waves" DOWN is very hard to profit from. If you use proper Money Management you can reduce risk, and lose only 2% of your portfolio on the actual day of the correction. Example for new traders, 2 DOW Futures contracts with a 10 point stop risks $200 + commish. If you don't choke the winners, and let them run, you can make 5 times this much on your good trades (up or down). As you make money nearly every day and you see your account going up in value add more contracts to a winning trade, with a stop loss on the profits you have... without additional risk.
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