TRON almost finished it's first three waves, when will we see 1$

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TRX 7.12% made some nice and big waves, the 3th wave can continue towards 1000 or even higher but it can correct as well. Then we will see a correction as a simple follow up on the Elliot 1-3 and we will go for the fourth wave and end up in a booming 5th one!

To secure my profit I always use different stoplosses, sometimes 2 sometimes 5 depending on the amount of money I put in a trade.
As you can see I putted two green lines in this trade which could be examples of stoplosses. You will never sell your total amount on top being sure it will correct after your sell. So I decide to divide it into small pieces which will give me profit and if a currency decides to grow after I always have 50% of the total amount to take the last profit as well.

If we just go down a little and my first stoploss is sold and my second SL is not sold I just scalp on the trade which means I buy back cheaper which will give me more coins :D.

Can we see TRX 7.12% to 1$? I don't know, I like secure trading, If my currencies are sold I will buy back lower after the positive conformation (bull).
Before we will reach ATH TRX has two possibilities:
1. the third wave has to increase insanely.
2. we will first see an abc correction which gives us the possibility to trade on TRX .

Happy trading :)
Do you think wave 4 is in? Haejin lee has 5 waves complete already...And that we are in the handle of the cup correcting now.
you are right on your targets. Great job!! I should follow you instead :-)
I am sorry. I posted the comment on the wrong chart.
Your chart cost me 38K
john24818 Samthecarpetman
@Samthecarpetman, lol congrats, your the smart guy who follows drawings on the internet =D
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n-cageman Samthecarpetman
@Samthecarpetman, How? Tron exactly reached my third wave point... it even went higher
n-cageman n-cageman
Look, It did exactly what we expected so I don't know how you're trading but that's kinda strange man. Don't hook me up with BS, if you sold on my point (1052 satoshi) it was easy to do so, TRX reached 1068. On both exchanges Bittrex and binance.
@n-cageman, That guy is crazy. You did a great job.
dualmass n-cageman
@n-cageman, why do you bother> keep your knowledge, make more $$ have a good life!!
by the way, great call
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