I am afraid we are due for another down trend..

Accumulation means change.. This is an ascending triangle but it does not account for BTC TA. Its a lesson I learned the hard way. Hopefully I am wrong.
评论: Basically BTC is up meaning it will probably drop and when BTC drops so will TRX. I hope this clears things up a little as to why I feel this way.
yo bro it does have an ascending triangle but it is true that it moves heavily towards where bitcoin moves. so assuming bitcoin being bullish for the next two days, might trx actually breakout to the downside? ascending trangle is clear but , if it breaks downwards it actually might be moving to the opposite direction of bitcoin. what do you think?
Jesscorp musabbir
@musabbir, I dont think bitcoin will push for two more days... I think TRX will continue consolidating until BTC decides to do a minor correction later today. My red lines down may shift right and dont actually mean anything except to represent a downward trend. Nevertheless, I think my lines will stay red. If I am correct, I will show my TA for where I think it will bounce.
Jesscorp musabbir
@musabbir, additionally, even if BTC only drops down to 8100 for example, it is very exaggerated in TRX..
but has it tested resistance enough times to descend?
Jesscorp Greggriffey26
@Greggriffey26, No, however my time trend on BTC predicts a decent. Basically I think it will drop before it goes up. As we start to see a squeeze a breakout is inevitable. I am holding 25% in case I am wrong but I would be holding 50% if we were in a bull market.. Overall crypto trend indicates bear.
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