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Everyone knows that Elon Musk             runs two well-known companies - SpaceX and Tesla             Motors. Not everyone knows that he is - co-founder of SolarCity             , a company which is engaged in alternative energy and is responsible for about 34% of solar panels on the roofs in the United States. Recently the company announced the start of production of solar panels, which, according to mask more effective than all the world analogues.

Conventional solar panel is able to convert approximately 14-20% of the energy that absorbs into electricity. This is not bad if you compare, for example, with the efficiency of photosynthesis in plants the same figure is 5%. But in the SolarCity             believe that people need to do more.

Introducing the new panels in New York , Musk announced that the panel production SolarCity             able to reach peak efficiency at 22.04%. This is confirmed by inspection of the organization Renewable Energy Test Center.