inside bar party for US30

FX:US30   道琼斯工业平均指数
One of the most important functions about inside bar is to participate in a trend,
whenever there is a clear trend, there are inside bar opportunities.

None of the pivots in this uptrend is broken down, so I would only want to be bullish in stock market before it PROVES the party is over.
With this mindset, I never shorted stock index since the Trump Rally, and it did saves me so much money ha.

Find a way to participate in a trend , especially when you can't find any reversal sign combination like harmonic patterns or supply zone (a market that keeps making new high won't have these patterns)
There is no reason to try to pick the top.

It doesn't mean that I believe the market will keep going up, but I won't turn bearish easily until I see a very clear reversal sign.