FX:USDCAD   美元/加元
401 13
I have added a position on USDCAD (average of 12930). Looking for 13339. This morningstar likely will go. Thanks!
交易开始: I have been asked to summarize positions on usdcanda. Thank you guys for all of the messages and it is great that you are enjoying learning to position trade. I enjoy my friends here at TV and did not expect May to be as great as it was. For the latest position trade, you should have pulled 100 pips off this latest position trade from yesterday. May 2016 was a very memorable month for me on USD Canada. We entered this 28 days ago at 12517, pulled break even, came off, had to reenter from 12534... then we added from 1.27; then we added from 12828 and just yesterday we added again at 12930. For the month of May we have booked a total of 1700 pips off the lots from the original position ; 1800 pips off the lots from the second position (two holding) ; 1650 pips off the lots from the third position (two holding); and finally 250 pips off two lots from the fourth position (two holding). This net result is a total of 5400 pips. Thank you usdcanada and thanks to those of you who trusted this trade 28 days ago. Many many thanks for your support.
When you say take 100 pips off the position, do you mean close the trade completely, and wait for a good re-entry, or only take a portion of your trade off? thank you!
When you reach 100 pips of profit, pull the stop loss to break even, remove one position and let it go. Then, when you get a pullback(preferably a 786/618 fib level, you will add more. If you can only do a couple of dime or dollar lots, that is fine. The key to it is that your stop should never be more than 1/3 of your target as measured in pips from your entry and the combined positions you are running should never exceed 2% of your account balance (in terms of liability). There is a significant risk in FX based on the chaos in the world and changing conditions of the market, but if you manage your risk, and bet on the monthly and daily support and resistance patterns, you will be successful. Best of luck.
fxrandal hope.bleecker
Thank you for the help! I am in on this from 1.29231, and will let it go to the target at 1.3339. Best wishes to you too!
AhmedFouad hope.bleecker
Hi...What is your view of USDCAD next week?
enter - stop loss - tp level
its a rools mam - no bla bla
I notify everyone when I get in trades. You can see the posts. I do this professionally. There is absolutely no bla bla about it at all, except what is coming from you. We have been in this trade for one month. I am logging results for May. This month I did usdcad, pound yen, and pound canada.
Capskitz hope.bleecker
Don't listen to almoni33... idiot are all over TV... Keep doing what you are doing girl. You are perfection.
almoni33 Capskitz
I didn't call you the idiot. if you boor that is moderator job to throw out you from here
almoni33 hope.bleecker
you badly understand a question. I have asked only one think
if the any trader doesn't specify entrance point - tp and stop loss level it is a 100 % bla -bla
Capskitz almoni33
almoni33, You are trolling Hope's charts. If you don't like someones chart.. don't say anything.. just move on to someone else or do your own analysis. Hope is an amazing position trader. If you can't follow her technic, then you should move on.
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