Am I seing something here? RIP USD.

I am pretty depressed...
Not much to say...
Hopefully it doesn't crash too much till 2 years from now...
I want to keep my USD and I know it will go back up that's when I'll change it to euros (I'm living in europe)
But it's hard...
It can't be worse than the last fool that sank the country.
评论: WOW! What a surprise! Did not expect that one!

'Maybe we'll give that a shot': Donald Trump praises Xi Jinping's power grab
US president says it is ‘great’ that the Chinese premier has paved the way to become president for life.

Donald Trump has celebrated Xi Jinping’s bid to shepherd China back into an era of one-man dictatorship, suggesting the United States might one day “give that a shot”.

USA become a dictatorship stock go up at first maybe, USD go up, the stock go down down down USD go up?

What will happen in the end is dumb people will get what they deserve.
The 100 year bull market will be over, Buffet got lucky, the XXIth century buffet is going to be homeless. Long term recession just like germany 70 years ago.

Hopefully these scumbags start a huge war and every one dies anyone with a brain and money ready your bunkers we will have to repopulate earth when the monkey's are gone.

Hopefully we can build something better and earth ecosystem manages to recover.
评论: Mid july is so boring I am posting old news.
"July and august being inactive is a myth"
评论: Today's news:

A quote from @AltUSPressSec summing up things:

"The time of reckoning is now. @SpeakerRyan must file Articles of Impeachment before Trump lands in the United States, or he is surrendering to a foreign military coup. #TreasonSummit"

Getting elected by russia, calling intel agencies liars, news fake news...

Idk how USA politics work, who dat guy SpeakerRyan? If he calls POTUS a traitor, what are the odds of him getting decapitated? Pretty high right?
They probably tear his heart out and point it to the sun to show dominance.

The whole government clearly rejected science, and are trying to act manly more than anything else. North America probably ends up a huge bear hunting clan
where to prove your manhood you have to kill a kodiak with sticks XD

What is going on with murica? Whatever you do, please don't point your missiles towards europe, we bro's.
评论: Not being politic, idc if people kill each other, they asked for it.

I just think this is funny XD

Good, good, give me a nice juicy recession, make my usd worth twice what it is now, let me buy us stocks at a 90% discount.
1- Innovation happens first
2- The scammers come in
3- Regulators start looking
Nice panth btw.
+2 回复
When did you buy?
MrRenev epitome
@epitome, I don't really like Forex, I got usd from euro because it's simpler to trade crypto. Or stocks...
I got some at 1.20 per euro, and then 1.24 per euro. As long as we stay in that region it's fine, but if we drop to 1usd=0.60 euro (1euro = 1.6 usd) I'll lose so much. I will get out before then thought.
I feel somehow stuck with it ...
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