First we got a pretty good resistance with a double top , which means we have a possible 2618 trade:
- double top
- measure impulse
- wait for retracement at 0.618
Double top + 0.618 = 2618 technique
I measured bearish impulse so I could confirm areas with some Support & Resistance and we can see how each pattern or consolidation was formed around those areas, even fibonacci retracements respect those areas.
Also used some Support & Resistance on MACD to confirm divergence.

-Left Leg
At first there's an ABCs formation right at where bearish Bat Pattern began, we can see how it went bearish forming an Elliott Impulse with 5 clear points and each consolidation that was formed respected fibonacci retracements.
-Right Leg
After an Elliott Impulse there's always some type of consolidation, which is exactly what we got with that double floor at the bottom, right after that retest it formed a pullback that I measured with Trend-Based Fib Extension, we can se how 1.618 - 1.414 area is exactly around bearish area.
We got 0.886 -0.786 area from Bat Pattern , 1.618 - 1.414 area from Trend-Based Fib Extension and 0.618 from 2618 technique all at the same area!!!
Good Trading. -1h Chart
评论: Pattern still active, price has been doing some correction, we can see consolidation between 1.272 and 0.382.
MACD respected each retracement
Good Trading. -1h Chart
评论: Inside bearish area
Good Trading. -1h Chart
评论: Expect some consolidation inside area before bearish impulse
Good Trading. -15min Chart
评论: ABC formation
I measured impulse by placing 0.236 at top of consolidation and we can see how point C bounced at 0.618
Trend-Based Fib Extension shows 1.27 exactly at 0.886 from Bat Pattern
Good Trading. -15min Chart
评论: Bearish area
Good Trading. -15min Chart
评论: Trade is active!
Good Trading. - 15min Chart
评论: Made another ABC formation before reaching 1.618!
Good Trading. -15min Chart
评论: New Structure
Good Trading. -15min Chart
评论: Price broke resistance at top and formed a perfect Running Flag (2618 in 5 min) for bearish continuation, I measured bearish impulse by placing 0.236 right below consolidation and we can see that perfect 0.618 at top where trade began, now TP is at -0.27 which is really close to Bat Pattern first TP.
Good Trading. -15min
评论: 2618 in 5min!
-double floor
-measure impulse
-wait for retracement at 0.618
Double Floor + 0.618 = 2618 technique

We can see how there are 5 clear points inside impulse, which gave us our resitance at top where 1.618 is, also Ending Diagonal completion at 0.786
Good Trading. -5min Chart
评论: Pullback for bearish continuation
Good Trading. -15min Chart
评论: Pullback retraced at major retracement 0.786 for bearish continuation.
Good Trading. -15min Chart
评论: A flag was formed after pullback for bearish continuation, I measured bearish ABC by placing 0.236 and knew consolidation had to be inside 0.5 - 0.236 for bearish impulse, it melted at top all the way to both -0.27 (1.618 near it) and gave us seccond take profit at 0.382 from Bat Pattern.
Good Trading. -15min Chart
评论: Almost reached 59.95, but price gave us a pretty good support around 60.50 - 60.30
Bat Pattern has been completed
Good Trading
评论: Possible flag for bullish impulse
I measured impulse by placing 0.236 at top and got 0.618 at the bottome where it bounced, I expect price to reach -0.618 where previous 0.618 is.
Good Trading. - 15min Chart
评论: Still possible bearish impulse for major consolidation at bottom support
Plan A
Plan B
Good Trading. -15min Chart
评论: Plan B happened for major consolidation, it went down to previous support for our retest and bounced, I measured bullish impulse and I get same area for -0.618, so I expect a tiny scalp up trend
Good Trading. -15min Chart
评论: New structure with 2 possible scenarios.
Plan A: tiny bullish impulse at top for better resistance, but MACD shows divergence
Plan B: consolidation is inside bearish ABCs, which it could be bearish at point C for major consolidation, also MACD shows divergence on previous resistances, which gives possible bearish impulse
Good Trading. 15min Chart
评论: Bullish Impulse reacted and formed ABCs consolidations for bullish continuation.
Good Trading. 15min Chart
评论: Bat Pattern completion and 2618 trade in 4h Chart
- double floor at the bottom
- measure impulse
- retracement at 0.618
- TP at -0.27
Double Floor + 0.618 = 2618 technique
Good Trading. -4h Chart


+1 回复
@vldshv, Bat Pattern has been completed, so I gave last update for Oil... When I get another good analysis I'll publish new idea for USDWTI
Hi Daniel!
What is your view on USDWTI till end of March/April?
+1 回复
@vldshv, I follow structure, dont know what it will do around March/April
Hi, DanielParra99, good TA charting with USDWTI. I vae a doubt about your update. Which one is the signal for any of Plans, A or B? Thanks a lot for your time
@ArturoAB,Hi! Plan A price goes bullish and reaches -0.618, but MACD shows possible bearish impulse, so Plan B would be bearish continuation for more consolidation at bottom area (Bat Pattern second TP). At this point you'll see a lot of movement, when a pattern reaches it's second TP it's more likely to have some consolidation.
Hi, Daniel!
What it Second TP of Bat Pattern?
+1 回复
@vldshv, Hello! second TP at 59.95. (First TP has just been reached)
DanielParra99 DanielParra99
@DanielParra99, Missed 59.95 for a few pips, I thought it would go down to previous support, but if you see the analysis it reached exactly 0.382 of Bat Pattern
Well done,
Good luck mate.
+1 回复
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