USDZAR bullish gartley pattern and demand zone combination

FX_IDC:USDZAR   美元/南非兰特
It's been funny and crazy to trade USDZAR these days , high volatility means bunch of trading opportunities!
I feel like this pair regards momentum trade so much,
so a nice reversal sign in the area is a must for this trade, and I prefer inside bars the most!
评论: Nice game plan, nice pattern, nice reversal sign (hr hammer)!

put the out below 12.68 to trail!
评论: put the out @ 12.70 to trail
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commercials have increased their shorts from last week - now 100% short!!!Get ready to long this pair!
going to be a big bullish move on this pair; commercial 'extremely
heavily' net short rand!!!
@derby, thanks for the information, while I don't hate to take some intraday short as some with trend trades, but in the long run I believe I am more bullish on this pair, too.
Do you still think it's going to bounce from recent low around 12.58? Thanks
@suneths, second try, and it's fighting with the momentum of inside day breakdown, I don't really think so though
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