CRUDE OIL - ended correction

FX:USOIL   原油差价合约(WTI)
There's an ended zigzag with a diagonal triangle in wave . So, there's an opportunity to have a bullish impulse.
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how 3 is the smallest
+1 回复
Actually, it's not ))
naveed ElliottWavePro
your count is great but unfortunately it violates the EW rules by tiny fraction

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You have wrong lows here.
Low of wave (3) is 37,73
Low of wave (5) is 26,03

So, wave (3) = wave (5) :)
naveed ElliottWavePro
those numbers are generated automatically (hi and low of the moves) by tradingview macros based on the actual data -its not my visual observation- hence my point.. your count does make a lot of sense except for this anomaly.
Just check the actual low of this bars and you'll see that your lows are incorrect :)
naveed ElliottWavePro
yes when i go to hour read your lows are correct but its happening on both waves 3 and 5 (lower low) so 5 is still coming out to be great than 3 -
anyway interestingly the actual low was 25.11 and not in 26s ( i was trading oil that day so i know). it was second last day of that month contract so these charting service provider shift to the next contract a day or two earlier before they expire. by that measure the 5 of your diagonal is definitely longer than 3 but i am not sure how this factor in EW count
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You know, we could also wave (4) in a form of a double three :) In this case, there's no more issues with the shortest wave (3) ))

Gorbie ElliottWavePro
Wave 3 cannot be the shortest one and it’s usually the strongest. It should extend 1.618 Fibonacci extension of wave 1 and it could go up to 2.618 Fib extension or more.
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