Viacoin 1000% Profit Potential - Long Term Hold

POLONIEX:VIABTC   Viacoin / Bitcoin
Greetings crypto millionaires,

When we are looking for coins that have the potential to go up 1000% - 2000% in a year, we look for opportunities like Viacoin.

Viacoin is spearheaded by a very smart developer and they have successfully implemented many of the top features on the market.

Combine that with a lightning fast sync and transaction features and the fact that their 2018 roadmap will be releasing soon and we have a great opportunity to see this coin massively rise in value.

So let's look at the chart.

Right now the coin could quite possibly consolidate back to previous resistance levels after this recent spike.
If this is the case your entry point will be at 0.00033000

If this is not the case and it continues an upward trend, we want to make sure to take a position no higher than 0.00039000

Keep in mind that this is a long-term trade that could take 6-8 months to fully appreciate. The longer you hold, the better your chance to see a breakout and have your investment do 10X.


(1) 0.00048000
(2) 0.00057000
(3) 0.00068500
(4) 0.00087000 (New All Time High)
(5) 0.00110000
(6) 0.00135000
(7) TBA

Stop-loss = 0.00019025

Remember that patience is key and understand that this trade will appreciate in value over the next few months. As soon as the roadmap for 2018 is released we can be sure to see a spotlight pointed at Viacoin.

This is a high-risk / high-reward trade and should only be taken if you are willing to take a chance and go for the big returns.

It is recommended that you keep your portfolio diversified and that you only risk a maximum of 20% of your portfolio on trades that fit into this category.

Never sell a losing trade, always hold until it is profitable. This is a game of patience.

See you at the top!
交易开始: In a sea of red Viacoin has acted as predicted and hit its first target. It is not recommended to cash out now, the fun is just getting started.

Hold onto your position and watch as we quickly approach target# 2
评论: Viacoin has reached it's 2nd target and is facing a small sell wall. If you are into this trade for short-term profits you can now safely exit with a profit.
If your goal is to hold onto this trade for long-term just sit back and relax as the trade matures.
check the cup and handle on the all time chart, it's going a lot higher this year than X 10
1st target reached
@jimo79, Hold onto your position and prepare for a breakout.
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