VIX: a once in a lifetime trade is coming

TVC:VIX   恐慌指数
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As we all have heard, the S&P500 made all time highs. Many average stock investors will try to buy before the market leaves them behind forever. Not so fast! While I do expect the index to climb significantly higher, the average investor will not be interested in buying until...well, the top is in and analysts on TV all tell them to buy buy buy. The bull market has definitely been old and the stock market game is time dependent. From my time analysis on the VIX , there is a possibility that the SP&500 may top out this fall before rolling over for a MASSIVE correction, one that could dwarf 2008 stock market crash as it would be a correction of a larger degree. I am posting this way in advance to hopefully provide the trading community enough TIME to prepare for the trade. I will be monitoring price action closely right before the fulfillment of the time component.
here's hoping
Currency LloydBee
Post a chart with a divergent idea. NVM it appears that you have ZERO charts published on this site as of right now so I doubt that you have even an iota of an ability to comprehend my chart. You are however fully capable of critiquing the WORK of others on this forum sitting behind your computer. Do you even trade?
LloydBee Currency
You've got problems. I don't see the relevance of your reply to my agreeing about a large VIX spike coming. Maybe your comment was directed at me by accident.

Maybe I don't post because I'm to busy actually trading...

Do I trade, well Tuesday I sold a 30/32.5 strike Vertical spread on $TGT (7 mins before the close) with extra IV that got crushed, it was closed 2 mins after opening the next day for a 13% gain.

Some say you're only as good as your last trade, well that was mine. Don't be so quick to judge.

Options - it's a risky business
Currency LloydBee
Your comment did not have an underlying tone of agreement and was not constructive.I do not "hope" when I trade and neither should you so maybe that was just a poor choice of words on YOUR end. I've laid out specific criteria for entry into a trade and unless they're met there will be no hope nor actual trading.
Fully agree with you.
what if the market Re-enters old market supports? and when do you plan on buying?
Currency IsaacKern12
Isaac, I am planning on buying if and only if the time component is fulfilled as shown on the chart AND price action display an impulsive wave of a smaller degree. Quite a long time from now. Not sure what you mean by market supports ( maybe I don't see one on the chart ).
respectbear Currency
@Currency, still standing buy the chart?
Currency respectbear
@respectbear, the spx500 is moving just how i expect it to. So yes I do plan on buying this at some point in the near future.
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