Voxels [VOXBTC] |buy from the bottom [+2000% potential Profit]


Classic structure for a safe and profitable long term trade.


1d chart:

MACD: Is about to cross over
RSI: Is rising clearly
STOCH: Is rising very strong

weekly chart:

Our indicators are bullish on the week scale. By this we look at the long term.
Development is positiv and confirmed by our indicators.


0.00002700 - 0.00003800

Targets via fibonacci

1 | 0.00016628 -> +492%
2 | 0.00026606
3 | 0.00034671
4 | 0.00042736
5 | 0.00054219
6 | 0.00068845 | old all time high -> +2040%

I do not expect to reach the higher targets soon.
This trade is for long term with high potential.
The coin is on the bottom so your risk is low but the profit potential is massiv.
Buy it only if you want to keep it for long.
Patience will make you money always remember this.
If you satisfied with the profit we'll earn by reaching target one than take your approx. 500% and move on.
I'll post more coins.
It s going down. Srry.
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