With Dough transitioning over to TastyWorks (it's basically Dough on steroids), I'm looking to wind up positions I've got on here over the next several weeks so that I can transition over to TastyWorks, which will not interface with TDA accounts. While I can naturally use ThinkOrSwim (ToS), it just doesn't have the features of Dough that I've come to know and love. Call it laziness, lack of "platform fluency," or a geezerly unwillingness to change, I'm not willing to "do without my Dough."

My original intention was to wind up everything in time for the TastyWorks roll out (Jan 3rd), but I figured I would just "carry on" until TW was firmly up and running, the mad rush at the TW doors had ebbed, and the inevitable glitches or kinks had been worked out. It is, after all "a new broker," and shit can happen ... . Generally, I prefer that shit happen to someone else. Okay, call me "lazy" and selfish.

In any event, being somewhat hobbled by the unavailability of Dough IVR/IV screeners here (I have other tools to screen for those, but they're extra work), my focus is going to pretty much be solely on short volatility product plays here over the short run, with the emphasis being on VIX "Term Structure" plays and "Contango Drift" plays in VXX and SVXY ( UVXY is getting awfully close to reverse split territory, and I don't want to be in the middle of an options play when that happens; they're "messy").

Unfortunately, these are some of the most boring plays out there. For "Contango Drift" plays, you're basically sitting on your hands a lot, waiting for a pop in VIX , preferably to >20, and you can be waiting literally weeks for those to occur. With "Term Structure" trades, you put them on and wait sweatily for the VIX futures price to converge on spot, ideally below your short call strike before your options expire. If they don't, you look at rolling your spreads out for duration, which means (you guessed it), additional waiting for volatility to "come in."

I'll look at posting a "Contango Drift" example here, since I've already got some "Term Structure" examples out there to look at ... .
评论: A timely Market Measures segment on when to short the VIX. In a nutshell, on pops >20, sell 45 DTE call verticals with a 50 delta short call and a 10 delta long.
Hey man, you can also screen pretty easy on TOS using wishlists and adding IVR to one column then sort. Until Tastyworks is up and running and you can transition.
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