GOLD / Wishful thinking

FX:XAUUSD   黄金/美元
Honestly, every single recalculation shows one damn bull in the background.
If pyramid works out and gold             drops it will lead to heavy buying afterward.
We have possible monthly breakouts, now the 2nd one with bullish accumulation target
1277 and 1304.
If we get a drop, buy gold.

I would not be surprised to see an extended leg up now around or above previous high 1263ish before the drop. Common thing after a breakout.

Wishful thinking, though, but sequence I would like to see is down from here to 1225-1220 ( extended 1214 ) and back up.
评论: I have not updated/stated that I closed my sells. I don't want to repeat the same things over again about how my trading setups and vision works. Pyramid Principle Idea is still active. Sad that there is no option to unplug some people from your follower list. Rather have 100 loyal followers than thousands of ...
评论: Gold has left so far 3 signs yesterday and 2 today so far upwards. Means if we get the drop to our targets 1225... we start to build longs down there.
评论: Intraday March 29 levels are very bullish is what I can say. If we get a drop in gold with such level displacement then no doubt it is adding up to bullish accumulation and will be one damn of a buy afterwards.
评论: Nothing much to update, very volatile and wild day. So crazy moves.. a lot of Brokers across the board couldn't even register these moves, gaps all over the place.


hahahahahaah , I agree with your last comment , i reached the same result in my analysis , crazy day indeed
DXY levels seems loose at the moment ? bull accumulation?
i still think it will drop,good analisys btw
It seems gold is going down. might go up first and then go down if gold does not go down from this level. GDX is going to 21.5-22 so ETF gld 113/114. I wonder when people can go long on gold and miners. Gold is manipulated and manipulators can not even set up a gold run, in this economic environment USA dept 20T and world economy float on 152T dept.
TheZabisyu bhsencer
@bhsencer, sorry not doing business with miners, can't advise.
great call yet again B, though some draw down but that is part of trading - i think in the end near every trades comes in if MM is done carefully, those with small account should go in small or hope gets to the next level and enter or just stay out till confirmation with there style of trading - you give direction then they can use there style and enter when they want - end of the day B people can follow or people dont, a loss is expected in the forex so trade accordingly - mean while i thankyou for your posts and support helping us out :D big thumbs up
TheZabisyu shadowdancer01
@shadowdancer01, It doesnt matter small account or big account.
If you open 10 lots on 100k account you open 1 lot on 10k account.. nothing changes.. simple math.
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shadowdancer01 TheZabisyu
@MetalCruisers, thats what i was trying to say above MC

Common, how many times do I have to tell you bud!
Stop listening trash people and just enjoy positive energy from people who are with you in your ups and downs.

F*** all those negative poopie pies xD

Cheers bro
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MetalCruisers = Believe, trust, successful
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