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FX:XAUUSD   黄金/美元
I needed to update gold's last move in a private idea.
If you followed it congratulations, we did it. Short again from the bulltrap.
If you missed it please say thank to the trolls : below my last gold idea you will find a few. - We might get rid of them if they cannot use their personal message system. Just send them a personal message.
I always welcome the contrarian views below my post. This webpage about sharing thoughts.
But I will fight hard till last troll standing.

The private idea link is here:

评论: Something to start with after FOMC:
评论: The triangle will break down.
评论: Here we go.
评论: Triangle has formed into a range.

We are getting to late for breaking above 1365 in this daily cycle..
So first we need to print a DCL. Currency moves push out the gold cycle again so it will be extremely hard to make money in the 2nd daily cycle. And this intermediate cycle might have topped in the first daily cycle just like last year's second IC with Kim's fireworks. So the 2nd daily cycle can have 6-15-24 days of rally.
评论: I think we have the final direction at last.
Bulls and bears got fleeced. Banks are winner again.
Holding the short position.
评论: Long scalping here
Selling back in the next hourly candle
评论: Closing scalps at the back test of the range
评论: Get ready.
Need to close in the next hourly candle .
评论: Scalps need to close in the next hourly candle
评论: Clockwise...
Closing scalp longs
Back to full position
评论: Looking forward to see daily minimum close.
评论: Daily minimum pleeeassseeee
评论: Flag finished. New low is coming.
评论: We clearly broke down of the range.
RSI reached extremes so in the last hour of trading I started to hedge my shorts.
评论: The next step is the back test of the 100 SMA on the hourly chart.
It's possible we are also testing back the bottom of the range.
With the current situation of reversing stocks and the bouncing dollar I still think
it's extremely dangerous to long gold.
评论: "Going to the Moon" - cancelled. Again.
评论: We are going to have a bounce here on the daily basis.
CLosing shorts.
The projection is always wrong. He is fighting against the price.
already back to $1330... What is your projected target?
I would still be looking for shorts around 1323 to 1328 area. The dollar is just warming up
we might bounce to 1332-1335. otherwise continuation to 1294
Lil_Moskva Lil_Moskva
weekly look scary for bulls. seems bear need to complete 3 bearish candle.
Apri, any updates for gold? Thanks

The cycle timingbands says its time for a DCL in gold.
But the dollar is just starting its DCL.... whats your tought?
Is the bounce gonna be short -lived? what is the tp for this bounce?
i was thinking to add some NUGT. You think now that gold will make move downward further? you mentioned Going to Moon-Cancelled. what do you think lowest for NUGT?
Arpi, inline with your thoughts, I see a H&S pattern on the 2hr GOLD chart. Possible target $1305. Thoughts?
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