XAUUSD inside 4hr after new high, why not?

In terms of inside bar after new high trade, it does rely on pure momentum, and the only indicator needed is 8EMA.
I posted 2 inside day after new high trades the day before yesterday.

They are too simple for some traders to take while they are so relentless for those who weren't able to take on the momentum train,
so the thing is, when there is a ticket, will you take it?

Indeed, the winning ratio for this kind of trade is not impressive at all, being stopped out frequently is the price of this ticket.
Also, strict execution skills like 1st kick, risk-reward stop, trailing, and greedy 1st kick are MUST before trying to get on the train.

I'm willing to take the long, while the spot of 8ema is a minus for this trade so I may lower the risk amount,
and if it breaks to the downside first, the trade doesn't exist anymore.

Let's see how it goes!
评论: broke to the downside, the trade doesn't exit anymore
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