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Trading is like the story of the famous hollywood movie "life of pi". Crossing the sea on lifeboat with a hungry tiger. It's possible if you have "knowledge and courage". I decided to shrink myself into a small room with opening a personal blog where I wish to meet ONLY Gold             Lovers. You can reach to my my web space by typing http://www.iLoveGold.net

Again it's too late to publish another idea. I am too lazy to do it. When switched to swing trade, I feel more relaxed and enjoying the rest of the time into further activities. There is no commercial interest behind my personal web space. It would be a light house for every ship who pass by. I wish to share the most appropriate Elliott wave analysis on gold             which filtered from divergence trade strategy.

Where we reach gold             this year?
I expect this to reach 1050 by end of this year once again.

Where we go from here?
We are in a big Samosa, it's a tasty snack shaped like Triangle. Triangles are boring because it's consolidation method just to waste time. Most probably we break down.

How should I determine when we come out of Triangle?
Many of the analysis are very good in finding direction and they are succeeded many time in it. But it's only few to analysis Price over "Time". To be a great swing trader we need to know the Price over Time. You need to know what is "Zero Sum Game". To measure time you need to use Fib analysis and Fib time tools. Learn about it

I took the short entry from here to wards 1198. I am expecting the next swing should be bear with No mercy :) Let me share few chart ideas hidden in this swing


Thanks for sharing great charts..The great Samosa..you need to get that trademarked ASAP!
Nice chart!
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