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Not many people know what gold's failed double top's worth is. I do. Sixty bucks. That's what shorts must bear if we break out today. And that's what we are going to earn at this market in 2-3 days.

The pattern many traders believe a double top was just a flag what we tested back on the 21st of February.
Yesterday we had a big volume on the 4hrs chart in the last candle. Bears tried to take control of the gold             market. After the FED minutes price reversed immediately and we were back to the highs.

The first daily cycle rallied nearly 100$ from 1122$ to 1219$ and the 2nd daily cycle started its rally from 1180$. The minimum what the 2nd daily cycle will rally is 100 $ - most probably it will be more - as the 2nd daily cycle is always printing at least the same bounce as the first daily cycle. As we were consolidating in a flag for nearly a month the breakout will be violent and even 1300 $ is not out of the table.

It's a LONG UPDATE idea as we are long from the first DCL (1180-90) but as I think it will be a great breakout and rally one can enter a long position here with a stop below 1215.
评论: BOOM!
评论: Sit back and enjoy the show.
评论: I hope I don't have to say : NO SHORTS .
Try to ignore the top callers.
The bull might become very aggressive.
评论: We are having a good volume again today.
A good breakout volume.
评论: We are a bit overbought.
We might test back the breakout at 1244 in the European night before going higher.
评论: Use it for a long entry if it happens but don't try to short from here.
Might or might not happen the testback.
Trapped bears will be buying every little dip.
评论: Shallow pullback. Couldn't even test back the break out.
评论: Now you know why I told you not to short this beast.
评论: We are getting overbought again.
If someone is holding a horrible position this is the time to ease on the position a bit and put some money into the miners at the open or try to buy back a bit later if we have a pullback.
I'm playing with 10% of the position.
评论: If there is no pullback and I lose 10% of the position : let it be..
We will tag at least 1280 in the next few days. The daily chart is still far from parabolic.
评论: I don't want to repeat myself , but of course:
You have almost zero chance to make money now.
评论: 20$ completed. So far so good. We might have a little break here
评论: SHorts are getting excited again..
We were too overbought so they hit it down while banks are buying gold miners at low prices before the rally.
Bears will be fleeced again as they release gold again.
Guys we broke out of a monthly consolidation.
It's not a 1 day rally... I'M buying back my 10% here and adding.
评论: JNUG 1/3 of the average volume after 1 hr
Banks are buying
评论: NUGT 1/3 of the average volume after 1 hr
Banks are buying
评论: It seems to me we are done. We just tested back the night breakout.
RSI is turning up again and wannabe overbought..
评论: We are entering the last stage of this daily cycle.
Fighting with the 200 SMA.
评论: Rejected from the 200 SMA. It's not a tragedy but I don't like the miners' action today
Gold at new highs and miners are down.
Somebody is lying
评论: We still have a good money on this long idea.
We took profits on half of the position in PI.
As the big picture is messed up I'm going to take profit today at 1248.50 on the 25% of the original position.
I will have only the 25% of the original position with a stop below today's low.
If we break below today's low I'm out of this trade.
You can ride the 100-75-50% of the original position with a stop below today's low. You decide how much you want to risk.
评论: We printed a hammer today. Might be reversing and heading higher tomorrow or continue our way down to the DCL.
交易结束:到达止损: The last 25% is stopped out today.
Waiting for a new long entry
Hi, looks like golds 2nd daily cycle has topped and is now in decline.
I guess a lot depends on the Fed now. Do you see gold taking out 1260 during its next daily cycle?
I think we're going to have a miner explosion tonight.
Well,it looks banks HFT are getting better and better by day...apparently,they've started changing their methods too..there were no pre-market "bear raids" "attack" at the opening..JNUG was catching with Gold price..and here we are..when noone expected a massive sell off may start looking for excuses or reasons like President 's speech ..etc..but the truth is that there were absolutely no other reason ,except the only one:to shake remaining "weak hands" forcing them to sell and trigger cascade SL selling by hedge funds..which exactly what we saw happenning as every support level was broken by methodical and intensive "dumps" coming from the dark pools ..(i dont have access to reliable DPI ( dark pool index) data but i would not be surprised to see a familiar bank "signature" )..
And like many peope i was also caught offguard but i did not sell my position in JNUG not my core position in GDXJ....i was waiting until the end of session and started heavily adding 7.40 in JNUG..why?? Because from my previous bad experiences with junior miners i learned one thing: banks and hedge funds love them due to their volatility and massive upside potential comparing to GLD a favourite alternative vehicle for larger institutional entities..i dont know if banks are happy with their monday "bear raid" and would start slowly pushing miners to upside in comings weeks ..but one thing for certain: if price stays above 1242-45 level this week..junior miners would start moving to the upside very quickly..
Patience is our best friend at the moment..the rest is noise...
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hiii too much people was fuckedd tooodayy with minnersssss ... banks are buying????
just one word man , gold is due for a short , 2 options , or you get out of your long, or you hold till the 1240's , choice is yours
shinsky BjornPfaff
@BjornPfaff, yes, due for a short, but not right now ;)
BjornPfaff shinsky
@shinsky, already happening ;-) people Always wait until they miss the train back down :-)
@BjornPfaff, WHat a drop! How much was it? 15$? No it was almost 20$!
We made 200$ on this bull run. And took profit on the positions already in the private idea.
But I still say to my followers: no shorts.
Good luck ( you will need it)
BjornPfaff chartwatchers
@chartwatchers, i think its more then 15 USD mister ;-) enjoy the ride down ;-)
shinsky BjornPfaff
@BjornPfaff, sorry bud, that's all you're going to get ;)
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