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Money is not taught in schools, just like other useful stuff! Many are under the conception that money comes from the Government but this is false.

The international bank of settlements, the IMF and the European central bank
are the ones in control of the fiat money system alongside the federal reserve .

Any Infrastructure, bridges and any wars that we fight, if they are funded by the above banking cartels, there is a 100% chance that all of the money paid through YOUR taxes is automatically leaving the country through interest that has to be paid back to outside creditors - Paying tax interest to foreign corporations...

The infographic above chronicles the 1913 creation of the Federal reserve banking system and the current purchasing power of the FIAT currency along the timeline and when the GOLD standard was removed. (The FED is not part of the government, nor a government institution)

The FED dictates ALL global + the G20 Fiscal policies. And global monetary policy (interest rates etc,)

-If You look at the USDOLLAR it does not say USDOLLAR it says. FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE! - a note issued by a private bank.

-1930- 1 GOLD ounce was priced at 20$

-1933 - Gold standard was 'unpegged' from currencies, allowing the centralised banks to print FIAT/paper/worthless money on demand.

-1944 - The USD was known as the worlds centralised currency, meaning all trade was 'pegged' to the USDOLLAR ....giving the FED domination over the global economy.

-1971 - USA came out of a costly conflict in Vietnam with a lot of debt, and Nixon completely pulled all precious metal 'PEGS' from the USDOLLAR which enabled all G20 counterparts to have a freely floating currency. (THIN AIR MONEY)

NOW - 1 GOLD ounce priced around $1200 - 98% loss of the purchasing power on the worlds strongest currency.

Due to my technical analysis on GOLD - XAU/USD we are due for a small decline in the price... 800$ is per OZ, then we will see a huge rise in the metal whilst hyperinflation hits the world.

The standard lifetime of a FIAT currency is around 22- 27 years... we have doubled this already...

#GetEducated #MoneySystem #Gold #Security #RealMoney
sound money is honest money
I hope the "hyperinflation" never happen.
so we must wait to price come to level 750 per unch?
Don_Corleone technicaltrade
Noone knows if it's gonna hit that area or not.It can take such a long time or it might never happen,so u better buy/sell on breakouts.If you don't have a trading plan-better not trade at all.
Love this breakdown!
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