Gold is 'Always on my mind' - E.Presley

FX:XAUUSD   黄金/美元
Gold went up and exactly touched 1220$/oz (checked it on a one minute interval) as predicted in my previous plots (3 weeks ago) and now will move south:

In short-term perspective price will rebounce at some levels (navy blue lines).
Price already retraced back to it's Exponential Moving Average (red line), that is a natural move.
Moreover, Buy or Sell Signal indicate that price approached to the Sell trendline (orange).
I'm still learning but in my perception price of gold will move down in next few days or
move sideway, approach ichimoku cloud and then keep going down.
Wide spread of ichimoku cloud (red and green lines) indicate strong downtrend.

Upcoming few days will release a lot of data on US economy:
Indicators will be positive and gold will move down while DXY goes up.
评论: Today Trump will sign more executive orders, price of gold may go up or down depending on what he's going to sign! Please keep your eyes open!
评论: On 1D interval chart, gold formed very rare Doji pattern called: Four-Price

Definition of Four-Price Doji
This candlestick is simply a horizontal line that has no upper and lower shadows.
Recognition Criteria
1. The length of the body is null.
2. There are no upper or lower shadows at all.
3. The open, close, high and low are the same throughout the entire day.
Candlestick Requirements and Flexibility
The body should be colorless and have exactly zero length. There should be no shadows.
Trader’s Behavior
A Four Price Doji is a very rare occurrence and it will be seen only if all the four price components are equal. That is, the open, high, low, and close turn out to be the same. It represents complete and total uncertainty by traders concerning the market direction. It usually occurs when a stock is very illiquid, has low volume, or the data source does not report any other price other than the closing price.

The Four Price Doji is not reliable on its own like most other candlesticks. It only reflects one day’s trading and conveys a sense of complete indecision. Like all other doji types, Four Price Doji is also important only in markets where there are not many doji. In a chart characterized by many doji, the emergence of Four Price Doji does not have a signal value.


hey Simon, are you holding shorts through this week, given the FOMC meeting?
Simon_says rippy83
@rippy83, Not expecting interest rates to go up as they just been moved up (December) in that case gold should go down. However, market in strongly manipulated so anything can happens.
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