XAUUSD: Gold uptrend continuation

FX:XAUUSD   黄金/美元
We can go long now, and aim for 1365 and 1462.45.
The weekly hasn't confirmed yet but I anticipate confirmation by next week.
Stops should be below 1235, give it some breathing room!
Rgmov is plotting fresh new highs, a sign of strength, and we're sitting above the uptrend mode, so it's logical to expect continuation. Notice how price held support at the options expiration key s/r level on March 28th, we're now breaking the recent supply level and expanding daily range, very strong price action, backed by the prospect of no further rate hikes by the Fed until June (IF they even hike rates).
Note that last week, commercial traders where heavily short gold , if they unwind shorts this week we might see a strong rally.

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Ivan Labrie.
评论: You can add to the trade (or jump in if still not in it) at 1257.50, stops either at 1245.48 or at 1235 for a more conservative approach.

Weekly uptrend confirmed, it's ON!
评论: Next week CoT prediction: Commercials are unwinding shorts and go flat.
评论: Incredibly strong daily/weekly/monthly close. We broke monthly resistance, gold has paved the way for a very strong rally well into the high 1300s.
评论: If you took the long when I posted, using my stop reccomendation, leave a comment below.
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评论: If you're long, you can close partially, look to buy any dip with the same stop loss.
Leave a comment below if you took it.
交易手动结束: I closed the limit orders and flipped short with half risk. Sentiment reached a very significant extreme, I suspect this could be an intermediate term top in gold and all precious metals. Stops above the high are ok, at least above 1288.15 is the bare minimum I'd reccomend (and risk half initially!).
交易开始: Covered short in profit and flipped long again. Stops at 1232.
Great chart Ivan! I am still in agreement with your targets here and see a very similar median line as the previous, forming at 1270.7