XAUUSD : Quick Down Spike expected to 1144 and 1136.6

FX:XAUUSD   黄金/美元
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XAUUSD Looks like expanding flat ABC in making. any extreme retrace also make valid pattern to trade downspike. by previous impulse and fib line, I suspect quick spike to 1144 atleast and then Up. Any thing below is dip buying.

I do not call for short at this levels. just watch and do the dip buying. larger trade is upside.

评论: This could be another alternative during FOMC spikes
评论: first 15min close very much close to our target 1144.
评论: 1144 Done
评论: I think this is good snapshot to take. We did 1140.
交易结束:到达目标: lets not get greedy. we got 1139 very near to 1136
评论: Clean 25$ I suppose.
I still believe that it will consolidate sideways and might continue down.
Shorts are dangerous at this points.
short squeeze anytime !!
评论: Serious bleeding Underway . I think tag/break of 1045 on longer term is possible.
For first I am expecting bear flag consolidation towards 1160 and then downward continuation.
That would be a new chart.
Good luck.
if silver is bottomed and already staring C of ABC correction - what gold is doing? Same action lead us to boom lower last times we saw this action.
Can gold still be in downtrend and silver in uptrend?
robus 5898928
@5898928, It all depends on XAUXAG ratio.. relatively one of them get adjusted and then both start in same direction. I think gold is doing bull basing. lets see. if weakness persist we can see new lows. but pending wave is upside.
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Simplest analysis is the best to me. Nice.
robus ElPatron.Y
Thanks ! Quite delighted coming that from you. :)
Thanks Robus. Nich chart.
Nice work, Robus!!!
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robus AlphaDreams
@AlphaDreams, Thanks Alpha, learned from the best of TV guys :D
hi robus, do you think this will spike down before or after the FOMC?
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